With the reopening of both the Expert and Exit-Entry Bureau on February 3, the Chinese government has taken additional steps to further control the coronavirus outbreak by minimizing direct contact with others during the work and residence permit application process.

Effective immediately, the below new processes will be in place until further notice.

Work Permit Application – Expert Bureau

Suspension of the in-person physical hard copy verification requirement at the Expert Bureau. Companies will instead provide a commitment letter to support the application and to verify that all application documents updated to the online systems are authentic.

This exemption applies to the work permit notification letter application, work permit renewal, and work permit cancellation.

New work permit applications will still require the physical hard copy verification be filed on behalf of the companies that hire foreign employees.

Residence Permit Application – Exit-Entry Bureau

To avoid crowd-gathering risks, the Exit-Entry Bureau will provide arrangements for service appointments, and foreigners may now make appointments in advance for any applications. Urgent services for emergency situations will also be provided.

For new residence permit applications, physical presence at the local bureaus will still be required.

Based on the specific immigration policy, foreigners should either exit China or apply for the extension of the visa or residence permits at the Bureau prior to the visa expiration. Due to laws and regulations with the current situation, those who are unable to exit as scheduled or extend their visas or resident permits because of “epidemic prevention and control” shall be given a lighter or mitigated punishment (or may even be rendered exempt from punishment).

Please reach out to your Aires representative with any additional questions.

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