Aires’ very own Judson Offner (Technology Product Manager) gave us a firsthand account of quarantining in his new city of Perth, Australia, upon arrival. For those unfamiliar with Australia’s quarantine procedures, you are mandated to stay in predetermined quarters (typically a hotel) for 14 days if you are traveling from just about anywhere (excluding New Zealand). Judson shared some general tips to make the best of your experience, a sense of what to expect, and, of course, photos of the quarantine meals provided to him. Read on to find out his experience and feel free to share your own with us!

Remember the iconic pre-battle scene from the movie, “Braveheart,” when Mel Gibson gives his famous and impassioned speech, ending it with an emotional and motivating cry of “freedom!” This scene is what raced through my mind after I was released from 14 days of hotel quarantine in Australia. 

Here are my 5 tips to help you get through your time:

  1. Prior to arrival join social media groups dedicated to quarantine in your destination city: This is a great source of knowledge and a place to get your questions answered. I was even able to rent a treadmill for my time in quarantine from one of these groups.
  2. Download before you go: Entertainment such as movies, TV shows, apps, and books. Sign up for the free trials from various streaming services. Many streaming services offer anywhere from 7- to 14-day free trials if you are not a member yet.
  3. Pack smart: It’s a smart idea to have a set of utensils, dishwashing gloves (you will be required to wash you own dishes in quarantine, so plan accordingly), headphones, water filter or flavor enhancers, snacks, exercise bands, yoga mats, puzzles, drawing/writing tools, and a universal adapter (research this for the location you are heading to). Some of these are unique to you – aside from your essentials, think about how you’d like to pass the time.
  4. Learn a new skill: Think of things to do that make you happy or a skill that you want to learn. Anything to entertain you and your family will help you get through the time in quarantine. Download an app such as Mango Languages to start learning a new language.
  5. Appreciate your time: It may sound crazy, but I miss quarantine. I didn’t have to think about what to eat, go out to get groceries, cook, or clean up. Food was delivered to my door three times a day! Appreciate what you have because there is always someone worse off than you.

While my time in quarantine wasn’t exactly the most fun I’ve ever had, it felt good knowing that I was doing my part to help mitigate the spread of infection. if you go into a situation with low expectations, you will usually be pleasantly surprised by the way things actually go. I know I was. If you have to quarantine, you can and will get through it. Good Luck to you!

To cap off this blog post, the pictures below are of the food the hotel provided for me. This is 7-days-worth of meals, and I received this rotation twice as I spent my quarantine with them. As you can see, these were great!

Judson - Blog Meals

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