Looking for a Relocation Management Technology Company?

Can you imagine your life without technology? Even technology that you began using only a few years ago? Facebook is 13 years old, Google Maps is 12 years old, YouTube is 12 years old, and Amazon Kindle is 9 years old. Some of you might think of the time before this as nirvana, while others will wonder how work got done and what people did in their free time. This year is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone. But while the first iPhone was revolutionary for its time, it lacked many features we take for granted today – video camera, picture messaging, App Store, and front-facing camera to take selfies. Yes, technology moves fast.

In Aires’ post-relocation surveys, we ask about the technology resources available to transferees during their relocation. One day last year as I was reviewing the surveys, one comment particularly stood out: “Seriously, we have self-driving cars, I'm sure you can [do this].” Maybe some might think it’s an unfair comparison, but I believe this transferee was right to have those expectations based on their real-life experience.

Technology is available to do what was imaginable only in science-fiction literature just a few years ago. While we were already working to develop what this transferee had requested – and it was rolled out shortly thereafter – having the best technology is a fast moving target. But that’s what also makes working for a company that takes prides in having the best proprietary technology so rewarding!

Do you consider your company to be a technology company? I hope the answer is yes. No company or industry is immune to the rapid pace of digital disruption, and technology is the driving force reshaping the business of today and tomorrow.

In my recent meeting with Aires’ President Jeff Wangler, he talked about how with everything moving at a much faster pace, relocation companies who don’t spend on their IT and security will not be able to acquire and retain clients. In his words, “The future for every relocation service provider is to make the transition from service company to technology company.”

So, if you are looking for a new relocation management company, be sure to assess the following factors that investors in software companies use to answer the question, “what makes a good software company?”

  • Product Roadmap
  • Architecture
  • Client Customization
  • Software Development Lifecycle Process

For a greater description of these concepts, please review this article by Bulger Partners, a strategy consulting and investment banking firm for software companies.

To learn more about the technology tools Aires has to offer, click here.

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