Rather than initiating a permanent relocation, companies sometimes temporarily move an employee to a new location. Aires’ recent Pulse Survey examines temporary relocation assignments within the U.S. that are shorter than one year in duration. While there are many different terms used to describe this type of assignment among organizations, we refer to them as domestic short-term assignments.

The survey’s goal was to identify the level of support offered to domestic short-term assignees and the reasons for temporary assignment. Aires has reviewed the current data against previous results to identify consistencies and changing trends. The survey polled companies across all industries with a total of 84 companies responding (and 56 of those companies confirming domestic short-term assignment activity).

Key findings of the survey include:

  • The volume of domestic short-term assignments is typically lower than permanent relocations, and more survey respondents note volume remains the same year after year.
  • Most domestic short-term assignments are unaccompanied, with only the employee’s expenses covered; however, approximately one-third of survey respondents have made exceptions.
  • Project/staffing needs have consistently been the top reason for domestic short-term assignments. Other common reasons include leadership development programs, training and development, and in lieu of permanent relocation.
  • The prevalence of temporary accommodations, local transportation, allowances, return trip(s) home, and gross-up remain high. The prevalence of a shipment, support associated with the origin location residence, and professional tax assistance remain low.
  • The 2023 survey findings show a slight decrease in the use of miscellaneous allowances and a slight increase in the use of per diems.
  • Domestic short-term assignees are less likely to be required to sign a repayment agreement than permanently relocated employees.

For a copy of the full Pulse Survey results, which provides additional details of domestic short term assignment activity, eligibility reasons for assignments, common policy types & benefits, and much more, please contact your Aires representative.

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