Rather than initiating a permanent relocation, companies sometimes temporarily move an employee to a new location. Earlier this year, Aires conducted a pulse survey examining short-term temporary assignments in the U.S. (moves shorter than one year in duration). To follow that survey, Aires has conducted a survey reviewing similar assignments for international moves. While organizations use various terms to describe this type of assignment, we refer to them as global short-term assignments.

The survey’s goal was to identify the level of support offered to global short-term assignees and the reasons for temporary assignment. Aires has reviewed the current data against previous results to identify consistencies and changing trends. The survey polled companies across all industries with a total of 79 companies responding (and 70 of those companies confirming global short-term assignment activity).

Key findings of the survey include:

  • The volume of global short-term assignments is typically lower than permanent relocation volume, and most respondents note volume remains the same or is increasing compared to previous years.
  • Most global short-term assignments are unaccompanied, with only the employee’s expenses covered; few have made exceptions.
  • Training others/sharing knowledge, training and development/gaining global experience, and project/staffing are the top reasons for global short-term assignments.
  • The prevalence of compliance support (tax and immigration) is high, as are travel, accommodations, and daily transportation.
  • The survey results show that both miscellaneous allowances and per diems are common with these types of assignments.
  • Global short-term assignees are less likely to be required to sign a repayment agreement than permanently relocated employees.

For a copy of the full Pulse Survey results, which provides additional details of global short-term assignment activity, eligibility reasons for assignments, common policy types & benefits, and much more, please contact your Aires representative.

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