Over the past 40 years, Aires has evolved into a technologically advanced global mobility company with a focus on high-quality service to all clients. Aires President Jeff Wangler began his career with Aires in 1992, and nearly 30 years later, he continues to provide excellent service as the leader of the company. We recently sat down with Jeff to hear his story.


Jeff Wangler’s story with Aires began when the company he previously worked for suddenly closed due to a bankruptcy.

“I remember having this empty feeling. I was in my twenties, and one of my goals was to never be unemployed,” said Wangler. Reflecting on his younger self, he admitted that it was not the most realistic goal because setbacks are virtually inevitable. “When things are going too well for you, sometimes you need a setback or two to bring you back down to Earth. The next day you’re better for it and you come back 10 times stronger.”


Wangler had already accepted a new job in St. Louis when a mutual friend suggested he speak to the founder of Aires, Jim Putt.

“I went in and interviewed for four hours,” said Wangler. “When I left, I was so excited about what Jim wanted to do and the things that he wanted to build. He wanted to humanize the relocation process.”

With a hard-working team and Jim Putt’s vision, Aires went from an international household goods forwarding company to a technology-focused, people and process-driven, full-service global mobility company.

“I think what we did better than most is we changed a lot. People were blown away that we were going to change something that had already been successful,” said Wangler. “It was one of the best moves we’ve ever made because we truly have controlled our own destiny since the day Jim opened the doors in 1981.”


Along with the people who paved the way, Aires’ success comes from a strong set of values including trust and strong relationships with coworkers and partners, pride and passion for work, a caring attitude, and respect for all.

“I think that you have to have no ego toward serving others, especially in our business. I say that 100 times a day because it’s so true. When a customer calls, you’re willing to put everything down to get them taken care of, be proactive in your communication, and guide them through the process,” said Wangler.

Wangler has continued his focus on serving others, and one of the ways he does so is by observing them.

“I learn from everybody. Sometimes you learn from people when they do something right, but you also learn a lot from people when they do something incorrectly.”


As Wangler continues his role as Aires’ President, he is excited to watch his colleagues learn and grow with the organization.

“The fact that we’re now seeing a lot of people retire from Aires is so mind-boggling. When you’ve worked with people for all of these years and you’re finally getting to see that they have the ability to go do what they want to do and be with their grandchildren … to me that’s a milestone. Watching other people at this company grow – that means something to me.”

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