The global shipping industry challenges brought on by the pandemic remain as we enter the Summer 2022 season. These challenges are being further complicated by the recent lockdowns in China and restrictions in Ukraine and Russia. Driver shortages, truck and container shortages, shipping delays, port delays – it seems like a never-ending story –but Aires is well prepared for Summer 2022 after having successfully navigated these continuing issues over the past several seasons.

In addition to the normal increase in shipping volume during the summer season, we expect to see a surge in imports as the lockdown in China ends, which will affect exports with increased congestion and demand for availability. Vessels are already over-booked, and space is limited, forcing booking times to a minimum of 4-6 weeks. Port congestion also continues to plague all areas, with a few ports in both the U.S. and overseas recently having to decline bookings.

Whether shipping by sea, air, or land, the challenges remain the same. Aires is working closely with our partners as they continue efforts to increase capacity and meet our clients’ needs while balancing costs. While the stress on the supply chain continues, we do expect it to ease at some point in the future, with the balance of supply and demand normalizing.

In preparation for the upcoming summer season, please remember to keep the following tips in mind to help create a positive and successful household goods move experience:

  • Book your dates as early as possible
  • Avoid date changes and cancellations
  • Initiate new relocations as early as possible (6-8 weeks prior to start date is ideal)
  • The first and last weeks of the month are the busiest
  • Be available by phone for updates and delivery confirmation
  • Be available on each day of your delivery spread

For more information, please contact your Aires representative.


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