Last year, Aires published a two-part blog series entitled “Riding in Cars with Pets” and “Ensuring your Pet has a Purr-fect Relocation.” These articles, with collaborative information from Pet Relocation, one of Aires’ trusted partners, offer tips and information on preparing and moving with your pets:

As a follow up, this blog post provides additional information and resources to consider.

Professional Pet Shipping Companies:

Aires partners with full-service pet shipping companies that can serve the various needs of your pets. These companies can assist with preparing your pet to move, gathering necessary paperwork, veterinary appointments, pick-up and delivery services, etc. The rules/regulations and costs will depend on the origin and destination locations and the services selected.

We have listed several of our trusted pet relocation partners and their contact details below.

Contact: Ashley Meyers,

Brian Hahn, or

Reece McDonell CEO,

Susan Denicker,

Flying with Your Pet


Prior to the global pandemic, commercial airlines offered a variety of shipping options:

  • Purchase a seat for the pet along with an accompanying handler;
  • Utilize the airline’s pet shipment services, allowing the pet to be shipped in an approved crate in the cargo area of the plane; or
  • Code the pet as excess baggage (typically reserved for smaller pets traveling in a crate under the seat)

As a result of the pandemic, airlines (some but not all) have suspended the first two options mentioned until further notice. The fees, requirements, and restrictions will vary from airline to

airline and will also depend on whether it is a domestic or international move. Further conditions may apply for animals transported internationally as several countries, including the U.S., may have restrictions for incoming animals due to the pandemic.

Different rules and regulations may apply for active-duty U.S. military personnel, U.S. State Department Foreign Service personnel, and fully trained service animals. Emotional support animals may no longer be permissible on U.S. Domestic and trans-Atlantic flights. Please be sure to check with your airline of choice for confirmation and additional information on certified emotional support animals before booking.

Private Charter Flights

Private charter companies specializing in pet shipments, both domestically and internationally, are available for those wishing for a more personalized experience. While this is a more costly option, private charter transport for your pet will eliminate the need to worry about the rules and regulations imposed by commercial airlines. Private charters also allow you to select the most convenient date, time, and location. They also allow the owner to travel with the pet and the pet to be uncaged within the cabin. Costs for these services will vary based on origin and destination and may range from $5,000 - $50,000+. We highly recommend that all services be vetted, and companies interviewed prior to booking. Please see below for more details.

Private Transport Companies

Many smaller, private transport companies are available to assist with shipping your pet. These companies specialize in a more personalized transport experience. The pricing in private transport companies typically includes the cost of travel (mileage or airfare, hotel if needed) and their fee. As with all pet transportation options, the costs will vary depending on origin and destination and may range from $150 - $25,000+. Like private flights, private pet transport companies offer the convenience of less restrictions and regulations for the breed, size, number of or type of pet(s) being transported.

The International Pet and Animal Transport Association (IPATA) offers a fully vetted sourcing site for private transport companies. Vendors are selected through a bidding process after the request is submitted for services:

  • The request is matched with the transferee’s preferred providers
  • The providers then bid on the business
  • The transferee may select the company of their choice

Once a company is chosen, you work directly with IPATA and the selected company for all arrangements and payment.

For additional information and assistance, please reach out to your Aires Representative.

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